Step-sisters’ inheritance hangs on whose parent died first

Which of two step-sisters receives a £300,000 inheritance rests on a judge’s opinion of whose parent died first, in a cautionary tale for parents yet to draft a Will. In October 2016, John Scarle, 79, and Ann Scarle, 69, both … Find out more »


Delays of up to 12 weeks as probate moves online

Since the introduction of the new online system, grants of probate are taking up to twelve weeks to finalise. When comparing this with the usual ten day turn around, it can’t be deemed entirely successful. This issue comes as higher … Find out more »

Immediate Steps

The administration relating to the death of a close one is overwhelming for many people.  There are several things that need to be done and we have put together some information which will help with carrying out of the necessary procedures.

The steps that will need to be carried out within five days of the death are listed below along with some details on registering the death:

  • Notify the deceased’s GP
  • Register the death at a Births, Deaths and Marriages Register Office at your local council office
  • Arrange the funeral – check the Will if it can easily be located, or any other documentation left, for any special requests relating to the funeral

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The steps involved in probate. 

Probate FAQs.

Glossary of Probate terms,