Delays of up to 12 weeks as probate moves online

Since the introduction of the new online system, grants of probate are taking up to twelve weeks to finalise. When comparing this with the usual ten day turn around, it can’t be deemed entirely successful. This issue comes as higher … Find out more »


Research suggests 70% of individuals ‘unaware of inheritance tax nil-rate band’

Research carried out by Canada Life has suggested that a significant amount of individuals ‘do not know the threshold’ for the standard inheritance tax (IHT) nil-rate band. Canada Life found that 70% of those surveyed did not know the standard … Find out more »

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Local Citizens advice offices report increase in queries on intestate wills

The Citizens Advice Bureau have reported that the number of queries on intestate wills – which is the term for those of us who die without making a will – has doubled in number over the last 5 years.

The calls highlight the complex and sometimes distressing situations families find themselves in when their loved one dies without a will. Along with registering the death and organising the funeral the family of the bereaved finds themselves with some practical problems to deal with.

Access to bank accounts, and finances is an obvious issue. Bills will still need to be paid and in the short term funeral costs paid for.

The obvious consequence of not making a will is, of course, the distribution of your assets. So you may think, these assets will go to my spouse and my children anyway. What you may not have thought about is the impact of it falling on your family to pay increased inheritance tax as a result.

So, making a will now, even if you want to change it at a later date, is vital if you want to mitigate the suffering your family experiences, should the worse happen.

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